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•  The reason why having competition is a good thing, and how to stand apart from your competition them no matter what your service or product is, or what industry you’re in. 
•  Why working harder WON’T solve your real business problems and how not having solid systems is the main reason most businesses fail. 
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11.  *15* Marketing Words that Make Your Client Pay Attention to You (MP3)

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Since September 2001, I’ve been intensely focused on the personal development industry – most importantly, empowering tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and from all around the world achieve their full potential.

This is what I do – and it’s what I’ll always do. Helping people and companies find their why and reach their full potential in life and/or business is my life’s calling; my life’s mission and purpose. I’ve been fortunate to have spoken at more than 500 venues across 20+ countries and have produced hundreds of products over the past 16+ years.

Now I understand that many of you have been burned in the past. And I also understand that you may not have reached the desired level of results and success with other coaches, training programs, business or marketing consultants, and others.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, blue-collar worker, white-collar worker, own your own business, you’re a CEO at a multi-million or billion dollar company, or you’re a student trying to figure it all out. The information contained in the programs below are 100% proven to change businesses and lives.

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"This book is on my desk and I refer to the 57 words regularly not only in my marketing, but also in everyday communication with my clients. This material is better than a business degree! If you use just a few of these words in your marketing, your business will explode!"

-  Eric Chamberlain, Landscape Company Owner
"I use the words in this book throughout my entire business. They have given me insight on not only how to market myself, but also determine exactly what my clients want. These powerful words are also mandatory for all of my office team so they understand the importance of the words that we use with our customers and in our marketing."

-  Christen Adolfi, Real Estate
"The 57 Must Use Words Marketing book is the best book that I've ever read. I started highlighting just the key points only to look down and see that the whole page was bright yellow. Everything in this book is key to my success! These words will easily generate millions of dollars in my business and any business. Everyone can discover the truth about marketing from this book and explode their business. I am convinced that John Di Lemme is the foremost expert in Closing and Marketing."

-  Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner
"Four years ago I was lost, confused, frustrated, and didn't know what to do next in my business. Through John's teachings and mentorship he has taught me how to build my self-belief, self-confidence, and self-worthiness and to accept who I truly am which lays the foundation to implement strategic marketing. Plus I’ve earned the most income in my 9 years of my Oriental Medicine business as well as being in the best physical health in my life! John has built a caring, trusting, supportive, and safe community where we as his students can dream big and achieve our goals. John is an enthusiastic motivator and a marketing genius!"

-  Dr. Sandra Kahn, Oriental Medicine
"I have gleaned so much wisdom from John Di Lemme’s proven, millionaire business strategies. I am growing emotionally stronger plus my business has grown by 5,000% and my income has increased 500%!"

-  Hallie Minich, Direct Sales
"Every word that I use in my marketing must take my business to the next level. Plus every word that I speak to my clients must empower them to believe in my commitment to them. This book guides me and provides powerful words that build my business and my belief in myself!"

-  Carol Grant, Attorney
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the 11 Motivational Marketing Teachings, then reach out to us at and we'll refund you within 24 hours! We would never offer you for something that we don't 100% stand behind and believe in, so we strongly encourage you to reach out and let us know if you are not happy with your purchase today!
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